Monday, November 20, 2017

November needs a party

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As you know, now is November, New Year is soon, but, It's great time for some party just to have fun and make this autumn better. 
If you are girl, you've got at least one black dress in your wardrobe. And It's great! Black dress is absolutely Must Have, but sometimes you get bored and you don't want to wear It. When that situation comes, you have one more option: Fashion details. All black dresses in combination with good fashion details are perfect outfit for your party. I made 4 photos which show different style of outfits but every photo has black dress. So, take a look! 

Holographic details are so cool. Some girls don't like holographic effect, but I think that this Holo bag, and shoes are gorgeous. This outfit is great for some crazy party with your friends. 

Long black dress with faux fur coat and elegant shoes is perfect for some festive occasions.

Personally, I'm a fan of this outfit. This orange color is my favorite and denim vest is must have piece in my wardrobe. Golden earrings could be awesome with this kind of look.

And the last outfit is great for teenage girls. This pink jacket is perfect match with this crossbody bag. 

So, that's It!
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Friday, November 17, 2017

BOHO Style Bedroom Decoration

Hi everyone!

It's raining outside. Everywhere are yellow and warm-brown leaves, and maybe a little bit of mud. People stay in their cozy houses and some of them drink tea. This atmosphere inspires me a lot. So, I've got an idea to (re)organize my room to looks like a BOHO style bedroom, because this kind of home decor makes interior warm and comfy. It's very suitable for reading a good book or being on Pinterest.

- Some ways to make your own BOHO room -

Decorative pillows and peruvian mirrors

These colorful pillows, decorated with pom-poms and embroidery, fit perfectly into every bohemian environment, so they can find your place in your bedroom, for example, as decoration on your French bed, or you can simply put them on the floor.

Mirrors are an essential element of this type of interior decoration - I suggest handmade, like the peruvian ones that are characteristic of their art and culture, but you can opt for, for example, a mosaic mirror, which will also fit perfectly with the rest of the boho decor.

Wooden night stands and knitted cane

Boho style is all in the natural elements and materials, so wooden pieces of furniture in your bedroom are necessary to complete her boho-style. Suggestion is night stand with a full wood with carved work, which will significantly contribute to the authenticity of the decor.

Knitted cane in basic or some other color, as another completely natural material, can be your choice for the back of the sleeping bed, or as the material from which the armchair is made.


The rugs (bottom left) and handmade carpets (bottom right) also fit into the boho environment. Woolen, with sparkling and colorful interesting patterns - do not miss to include them in the furnishing of your interior when boho style is concerned. It will be great to match the tiled pillows that we have already mentioned, as well as the wooden pieces of furniture. 

Hanging pots and swing

In order to further emphasize your sleeping space, insert flower pots (those that are suitable for growing in the sleeping room) - the plants are an integral part of the boho environment, and when we are at the hanging elements, one swing, which could be your reading corner.

Colorful bedding and gold plated accessories 

To fully equip your boho paradise, and to make your dreams sweeter, you need a colorful bedding, with those shades that are typical of this decor style - the color of ember, turquoise, dark blue, red .

As we mentioned at the very beginning of the text, the details in the golden color fit perfectly with this sort of interior. It can be some hanging decoration, which will fill the void on the wall, and as additional elements of the decor you can include pots and jars in Afro style.

Photos on the wall

Wall photos are great for teen bedrooms. That's the way to make your walls colorful and interesting!

Do you like BOHO? 😊


Monday, November 13, 2017

πŸ’« Banggood wishlist πŸ’«

Hi everyone!

How are you? 
I have something special for you today! It's about Banggood site which I liked so much!
You can find there almost everything! From the cutest bag and makeup brushes till kitchen tools, home decor and electronics! I warmly recommend you to visit this site. *shipping is FREE*

Also, there is a women brand named 'O-NEWE' which is in promoting now from Nov 13- Nov 25.
So, you should check It before It ends!

This is my first cooperation with Banggood site, and I have to choose 5 products from there. I must say that this choice was difficult, I wanted so many things πŸ˜‚ 
But these are my favorites, I think you'll like It, because every girl needs something from my list. Let's start!

This backpack is adorable. It's perfect for all your occasions, and costs 11.69$ !! * LOOK HERE *

I saw that so many bloggers have these brushes, and I think they are really good. Look magical and cute. Love them. (They are great for powder applying) *LOOK THEM HERE* 

I'm in love with this necklace!! I chose In purple color, but If you want other, *LOOK HERE*

Makeup brushes are never enough! Absolutely gorgeous, these are perfect for blending. *LOOK HERE*

This necklace looks amazing! You can choose color of 'Galactic' you want, my choice is #2.

Well, that's my wishlist! As you've noticed, my favorite color is purple πŸ˜‚
I hope that Banggood will send me this products, so I could write a review of them on blog and tell you my experience.

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

DIY| Diet Vegan Balls

Hi everyone!

I'm so happy about new DIY post on my blog! I haven't written this kind of posts for a long period, and I finally decided to make something and share with you.
Well, I think, you have all been in situation when you're on diet  and you want something sweet to eat. But what?? *Everything has a chocolate, or sugar or flour, and you need something low-calorie, healthy and tasty.* If you're vegan you don't eat everything which is animal origin. So, yesterday I was thinking about It, and I started to make something. It's about some kind of diet balls which can be ate by vegans also. I hope that you'll like my recipe (I'm so proud of myself haha)

- Ingredients

2 bananas
juice from 1 tangerine fruit
coconut flour
honey (optional)
1/2 cup of cocoa powder
1/4 cup of chopped peanuts
1/4 cup of sesame
dried fruit (optional)

- Process -

Mix all ingredients until you get a compact mixture. Then, put the mixture in the fridge for an one hour. When a hour passes, let the mixture out and  make a small balls.  Decorate your balls with coconut flour If you want.

And that's It! Very simple and healthy sweet snack. 😏

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Gifts for Him | Ideas

Hi everyone!

Today we discuss about gifts for men. I think this is the  first post about them on blog! So, you know that buying presents for your boyfriend, brother, or just friend is difficult sometimes, especially for men who has everything. If you ask me what I used to buy for them, my answer is: shower gels and other boring men cosmetics which you buy also. I just didn't have an idea what else I could choose. 😯
Well, In this post I'll show you some things you should think about when you go to buy a gift for your man. 

1. Shirts

I love to see a man in shirt. Especially in white color with 'rolled up' sleeves. It looks hot and attractive. So, I think this is a great choice for your boyfriend. 

2. Good perfume

A men with good perfume has already done a half of job. Every girl loves when man smells great. Take a care to choose a quality perfume. 

3. Book

If your man love to read, great book is perfect choice for him. Choose some Horror story, action or mystery, he will like it!

4. Phone case

Buy some unique and funny phone case which is going to make him smile.

5. Ball

If your man is sportsman, a quality ball is best gift ever. For example, If he likes basketball, buy him basketball ball from his favorite team. 

6. Men accessories 

Belts, ties or bow ties are never too much for him. You won't make mistake If you buy him this kind of accessories. 

7. Headphones

We all like headphones, It's not necessary discuss about this gift. 

8. Hoodie

A best thing about men hoodies is that girls adore wearing them. πŸ˜‚
Also, every man needs zip up hoodies. 

9. Gym Bags

Very useful thing for boys. Whenever he goes to gym or training, he will take this bag with him. 

10. Watch

Every man likes watches. It's so elegant and beautiful gift for him.

That's It! I hope you liked this post, and I also hope you found inspiration for next gift for him. 
Until next post,

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

10 ways to wear a Cardigan sweater

Hi everyone!

I found time to write on blog so I have many ideas what to post, but, today I decided to write something useful for this season. Also I haven't posted anything about fashion recently, SO,  It's about cardigan sweaters which we all have in our closets already. It's your choice how you will wear It but In this post you can see even 10 ways to make your outfit great with this piece. Let's get started!

1. Go Belted

One easy way to give a cardigan instant shape is to add a belt. Place the belt at your true waist (the smallest part) to create a sexy hourglass shape.

2. Open Up for Flattering

Get a soft, flattering look from a cardigan that doesn't have any fasteners. These open cardigans give your look a fluid, easy look and also create a strong vertical line so you look taller and thinner. When paired with a bow blouse, the effect is really feminine and flattering.

3. Opt for Layers

Add a long tee or tunic under your cardigan for a short-over-long play on proportion. This is a great way to keep a cardigan from looking too boxy or frumpy. It works best with a fitted cardigan.

4. Add a Pop of Color

Add a brightly colored cardigan to make an instant update. Cobalt, grass green, hot pink and yellow or red all make a great addition to any outfit.

5. Print

Take a bold print like a stripe or dot and "ground" it by adding a solid cardigan. This technique also makes busy prints - like floral - look more sophisticated.

6. Add Drama

Take a basic look and add a dramatic touch with a long, patterned cardigan. Longer, chunkier cardigans are best on taller women. Complete the dramatic look with equally dramatic accessories like bold necklaces, earrings or a cuff, or a brightly colored purse.

7. Make It Sexy

Want a sexy, relaxed look? Wear your cardigan buttoned up with nothing underneath. Or wear a camisole underneath with a little lace peeking out for a sweet touch.

8. Jeans

Cardigans are a great way to dress up everything from khakis to jeans. Wear a matched twinset, graphic tee, or mix it up for variety.

9. Go Ladylike

Prim and proper works with cardigans. Add a ladylike bow and a sweet shade of pink like Katy Perry to complete the look. Twinsets are very ladylike but can be aging over age 50 (when you're better off opting for mixing fabrics and/or colors.)

10. Make It Work for Maternity

A cardigan makes the perfect maternity layer: it's lightweight, stretchy, comfy and a longer cardigan worn open creates a strong vertical line.

Have you already known those ways? I hope you enjoy reading this post, so until next,
kisses πŸ’‹

source: LiveAbout

November needs a party

Hi everyone! Welcome to new post :) Before I start this post, I want to tell you that I made an Instagram profile of this blog, so...

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